Rendering Competition

Matěj Cáha, Hedvika Peroutková

This page was created for Computer Grahpics Rendering Competition at Universität des Saarlandes.

List of currently implemented topics

  • Depth of field
  • Motion Blur
  • Procedural Shading
  • Bump Mapping
  • Bi-Directional Path Tracing (Eric P. Lafortune, Yves D. Willems) including the importance sampling technique.
    Other excelent resource used is "Robust Monte Carlo Methods for Light Transport Simulation" (Eric Veach, Ph.D. dissertation)
  • Physics Simulation
  • Using the Modified Phong Reflectance Model for Physically Based Rendering (Eric P. Lafortune, Yves D. Willems)
  • We have also implemented physically based Lambertian and Specular materials (BRDF + sampling).